Vaean The Wanderer
Vaean The Wanderer
Titles: The Fool
The Wandering Minstrel
The Storyteller
The Joyous One
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Home: The Infinite Roads
Appearance Younger Man in bright colors holding an instrument
Symbol: Instrument on a Haversack
Favored Weapon: Quarterstaff
Portfolio: Freedom, Beginnings,
Recklessness, Individuality
Worshipers: Bards, Travelers,
Revolutionaries, Liberators
Duty: Keeper of Stories
Gift: Storytelling
Likes: Typhus Chelon
Teron Solaris
Assula Fortuna
Lathraea Valerian
Dislikes: Rexus Dornii,
Suris Dicio


Patron to storytellers and nomads alike, Vaean is a deity who delights in the world and the many wonders it holds. He is especially fond of bards, for they travel and tell the stories of the ages. The Wanderer is know to pass on wisdom to his followers through the resurgence of long forgotten stories and songs. Vaean is normally cheerful and happy, but that attitude changes when confronting whose who would control or order this wondrous world. Vaean often works through his faithful to hamper and disrupt such efforts.


Churches to Vaean are usually small and simple, often maintained by a rotating rota of priests in a arraignment that covers a large area. Temples to Vaean are almost exclusively on major roads and passages. They often serve a dual purpose as way-stations to weary travelers. In larger cities, churches to Vaean are often seen as anywhere from a nuisance to hotbeds of anarchic dissent, frequently coming into conflict with the ruling elite. This is due to the fact that the faithful often see rulers as far too controlling and find that the wealth of the elite, once properly liberated, can be used to much better purposes.


Vaean is strongly opposed to Suris Dicio as the warrior god is all to ready to subjugate and dominate those under his rule. Vaean also has a strong, but slightly less hostile, dislike of Rexus Dornii. The Eternal King's focus on bringing order through cities and empires is far from the ideal world that Vaean envisions. On the other hand, Vaean gets along famously with Typhus Chelon, appreciating the deity's simple straightforwardness and desire to help others, no matter what others think. Teron Solaris and Vaean, while not agreeing on all things, have a strong mutual respect for each other and often work together to uplift both the spirits and bodies of people hi hard by war and other disasters. Vaean also takes great pains to stay on Assula Fortuna's good side as anyone who wanders the world needs a good amount of luck to continue wandering without troubles. Luckily this is not hard to do as both deities share similar views on laws and rules and both deities are known to love a good party. Finally, Vaean and Lathraea Valerian get along surprising well considering their vast difference in temperaments. This is due to their shared love of mysteries and old stories. Bards of the Wanderer will often stop by as many temples of Lathraea as possible to trade stories and discuss new lore that has been discovered. Aside from the above, many other deities have a hard time relating to Vaean as he has very strong viewpoints. He will gladly work with almost any other deity as long as their goals align, but such alliances are short lived and ephemeral before Vaean wanders off to another place and cause.


  • Expand your horizons to expand yourself
  • Stop and enjoy the simple wonders in life
  • There is always something greater just over the horizon
  • Use song and story to share the wonders you have experienced with others
  • Let no one control or restrict you
  • The freedom to be is what makes life beautiful


Clerics of Vaean are often always on the move traveling from place to place to better see the world. Always good for a song or story, Vaean's clerics are prized by other travelers for their company and knowledge. Most temples to Vaean double as traveler's way-stations and are manned or unmanned at the whim of the local itinerant clergy. Other temples in more hostile environs are makeshift, temporary things hidden away from the local authorities. These often serve as safe, understanding meeting spaces for dissidents and rebels. Clerics of Vaean do not usually gather in groups and little in the way of formal hierarchy. All are considered equal in Vaean's service and none may lessen another's freedom by dictating what they should do. Occasionally a larger group of followers will come together to smash a slaving ring or topple a despot, but they will soon go their separate ways afterwords.

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