Rexus Dornii
Rexus Dornii
Titles: The Emperor
The Order Bringer
The Wise One
The Kingmaker
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Home: The Palace
Appearance A man slightly past his prime with crown and commanding presence
Symbol: Scepter and Crown
Favored Weapon: Heavy Mace
Portfolio: Authority, Leadership,
Order, Experience
Worshipers: Rulers, Advisors, Elders,
Leaders, Followers
Duty: The preservation of civilized society
Gift: Leadership
Likes: Cyonis Licon
Tarandes Vates
Lady Alcea
Justicar Castanea
Leuco Auctoras
Suris Dicio
Alyssum Tellan
Telerix Vul
Dislikes: Vaean the Wanderer
Urtica the Destroyer


Rexus Dornii is the deity of order and wisdom. Often stodgy and severe, Rexus Dornii is the patron of cities, tradition, and rulers. Surprisingly Rexus has many followers, partly due to the strong support royalty gives to the church and partially due to the fact that most churches or Rexus Dornii are firmly entrenched in city life. The Church places great emphasis on the fact that with age and experience comes the greatest wisdom. Rexus Dornii also sponsors many leaders and those who would bring order to the chaotic wilderness.


May see the church of Rexus Dornii as a bastion of order, as unchanging as the mountains. Its halls are known containing any wisdom life may require. Others see the church and its litany of rituals as an aged institution of beliefs, out of touch with the rest of the world. The church is frequently highly intermingled with any and all rulers, working side by side to promote laws, uphold tradition, and legitimize the ruling elite. The church of Rexus Dornii cares little about how a ruler behaves, instead focusing on the preservation of civilized order by the presence of a stable head of state and a formal hierarchy of rule. The church of Rexus Dornii often engenders strong viewpoints from many people, mainly due to its size and scope. Nearly every person has had significant interactions with the church at one point or another.


Rexus Dornii is the main ally for any deities that have a lawful or heavy civilization bend. Rexus Dornii allies with anyone who will assist him in preserving society, no matter if the have a sketchier track record or an odder nature than most. Justicar Castinea is a staunch ally that often works very closely with Rexuss Dornii. Those who protect civilized order and those who create the laws of civilization have much in common. Leuco Auctoras serves as an advisor to Rexus on many occasions, his understanding of power flows and of those who would grab power is invaluable.Tarandes Vates ability to mobilize large groups for a common good is also prized by Rexus Dornii. When force is needed to overcome an obstacle or danger threatens civilization, Rexus Dornii can be found working in close concert with Suris Dicio to conquer the threat and return things to a safe normalcy. Telerix Vul's traders are necessary for a thriving economy and Rexus Dornii welcomes followers of the merchant deity. Cyonis Licon provides a base for the reformation of those who don't initially fit with civilized society and his followers are often employed to straighten out some of the more troublesome subjects. Lady Alcea brings life, fun, and beauty to often drab city life and Rexus Dornii supports many of her endeavors in cities. Finally, Rexus Dornii appreciates the work of Allysum Tellan in corralling some of the more disruptive influences and her enforcing of the balance. On the flip side followers of Urtica the Destroyer are seen as a major threat by Rexus Dornii. He has special squads of priests dedicated to the destruction of cultists wherever they may be found. Vaean the Wanderer is also despised, but not to quite the same level. At least his followers, while advocating for the removal of the very rules that keep society civil, do not leave blackened earth in their wake and try to do good by the people. Other, more chaotic, deities find Rexus Dornii a bit authoritarian, but don't come into to much conflict with Rexus Dornii's dealings.


  • With age and experience come wisdom
  • Cities and civilization embody the best of intelligent life
  • Rulers lead the people to better and greater things


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