Lathraea Valerian
Lathraea Valerian
Titles: The Priestess
The Lore Keeper
The Mistress of Secrets
The Unknowable One
Alignment: Neutral
Home: Deity Home Plane
Appearance A young woman in hooded mages robes and carrying a tome or scroll, any distinguishing features covered in thick shadow
Symbol: Interwoven Mass of Rings
Favored Weapon: Favored Weapon
Portfolio: Mysteries, Knowledge,
Magic, Secrets
Worshipers: Mages, Historians, Researchers
Duty: Maintaining the Tapestry
Gift: Comprehension
Likes: Vaean the Wanderer
Leuco Auctoras
Alyssum Tellan
Paguro Quies
Dislikes: Lady Alcea
Telerix Vul


Lathraea Valerian is a mystery to the majority of the world. She keeps things close to herself and reveals things only when it furthers her unknowable goals. Faithful of Lathraea are often found in the pursuit of long forgotten knowledge and secrets. Some say that they have also seen her clerics battle things that are worse than they could have imagined in their worst nightmares. The only common tidbit of information that her clerics dispense on Lathraea's goals is that her actions are necessary to preserve the tapestry. They fail to elaborate on or illuminate this comment, further adding to the shroud of mystery over her and her church.


To those outside the church of Lathraea Valerian, the workings of her faithful are unknowable and enigmatic. To those within the church, they only know that, no matter how strange or confusing their orders are, they are part of a vast and important plan. Clerics of Lathraea Valerian are often seen adventuring to far flung places for comparatively simple items, collecting powerful artifacts, freely giving out others, or even performing pointless tasks.


Lathraea Valerian keeps herself above the petty struggles of the other deities, mostly ignoring them. However, the mercenary merchant nature of Telerix Vul often causes the two to come into conflict. Lathraea feels that her work is too important to be stopped or put on hold by materialistic concerns while Telerix Vul believes that anything imortant should come at an important price. Due to the somewhat fanatical nature of Lathraea's followers and the oddities they fell they need, clerics of Telerix find them easy targets for price gouging and unbalanced deals. Lathraea Valerian also has a small quarrel with Lady Alcea due to the muse's penchant for willy nilly distribution of inspiration and skill. Her capricious nature often plays unintentional havoc with Lathraea's plans and has been known to cause her considerable hardship. This is unintentional, but still causes some bad blood between the two deities. Lathraea does find some deities more useful than others as she goes about her work. On such deity is Vaean the Wanderer. His followers have a penchant for unearthing lost lore and mysterious things and are willing to share that information. Lathraea is less fond of having to share some of her secrets to get the traveler's information, but it is a necessary cost of doing business. Lueco Auctoras is another one who can be counted on to discover useful things. His constant research into the arcane in his quest for greater powers often leads to some very interesting discoveries. Lathraea maintains a good relationship with the Archmage to gain access to his occasional discoveries. Paguro Quies is on good terms with Lathraea due to the former's non-interference policy. Paguro and his followers are predictable and easily accounted for, and need never be bothered. This fosters a healthy relationship of avoidance that suits both parties just fine. Finally, Lathraea is an invaluable ally to Alyssum Tellan. Both have been charged with different aspects of universe preservation and they see in that a serious bond. While Alyssum protects the universe from threats within, Lathraea protects it from threats outside and helps to the inevitable snarls and damage that life brings with it.


  • Perform the tasks assigned to you with your best ability
  • Trust in Lathraea and all will be well
  • The Goddess knows all and knows best
  • Preserve the Tapestry


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