Lady Alcea
Lady Alcea
Titles: The Empress
The Beauteous One
The Supreme Muse
The Lifebringer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Home: The Gardens
Appearance Young Woman of surpassing beauty, fair of hair and feature dressed in the colors of nature
Symbol: Blooming Flower
Favored Weapon: Favored Weapon
Portfolio: Beauty, Nature,
Creativity, Fertility
Worshipers: Artists, Farmers, Craftsmen,
Rangers, Druids
Duty: The Bringing of Autumn
Gift: Beauty
Likes: Rexus Dornii
Lanceros & Capris
Althea Novae
Teron Solaris
Dislikes: Lady Datura,
Lathraea Valerian


Muse to artists and harvest queen to farmers, Lady Alcea counts a varied group in the ranks of her worshipers. Drawn to beauty of any sort, she is known to delight in the cut of a sculptor's chisel, the stroke of a painter's brush, an orchard heavy with fruit, or even a wild flower draped woodland glen. However, Lady Alcea is a fickle goddess, shifting her attentions and blessings often and without warning. Due to this many of Lady Alcea's detractors focus on her frivolous and vain nature that she sometimes shows. Many temples are known for applying strict beauty standards to all who would join the priesthood and out of all the deities, only Lady Datura rivals her in the shear amount of iconography dedicated to depictions of them. Lady Alcea is often heavily associated with the fall harvest season and almost every culture features her prominently during this time.


Lady Alcea's temples are dedicated to showcasing the beauty of life. Hosed within most city temples are wonderful galleries with numerous works created by artisans of notably skill. More rural temples still have galleries, but a large portion of the temple grounds are dedicated to small farms and orchards. Lady Alcea's temples are also heavily invested in the propagation of all races, often hosting a variety of events around the issue. Everything from matchmaking events to child rearing help and assistance with all the stages in between. Finally, to Lady Alcea, anything worth celebrating is worth celebrating well and if you look hard enough, there is always a reason to celebrate. Her critics would say that the near constant party that is life for clerics of the Lady is unbecoming, others find their happy, slightly buzzed approach to life invigorating.


Lady Alcea is in good standing with almost all the deities due to her fun personality and party loving nature. Some of the stodgier deities choose not to get to wrapped up in her antics, but few actively hold her nature against her. However, a huge, mostly one sided enmity is found between her and her twin sister Lady Datura. Lady Datura harbors strong resentment for Lady Alcea and looks for ways to hurt and weaken her sister. Lady Alcea might not like her sister's focus on illusion instead of true lasting beauty, but mainly responds to Lady Datura in the form of protecting her interests and people from harm. There is also a small amount of bad blood between her and Lathraea Valerian due to the latter's insistence that Lady Alcea settle down and curb her capriciousness. Lady Alcea is hurt by Lathraea's statements that characterize her as vapid and annoying. But Aside from those two Lady Alcea has many wonderful allies that love to help her in her endeavors. Lanceros and Capris are so helpful in bringing couples together so that life may continue and the two churches often work closely together on such ventures. Rexus Dornii sees the need for beauty and art in the foundation of civilizations and most major cities guided by his order have museums to contain the overflow from Lady Alcea's galleries. Finally Althea Novae and Teron Solaris are both staunch allies in the cultivation of crops and the harvest. Althea brings the spring to renew the world after winter and allow the plants to bloom with such wonderful colors, while Teron brings the summer so that the plants may ripen and create beauty through function as well as appearance. Plus they are both a joy to be around and do such appreciate a good party.


  • Things of beauty make the Tapestry shine bright
  • Heed the Goddess' wisdom and all you have will be fruitful and multiply
  • Great beauty is found, not made. Work with what you have, do not force it to conform to your wishes
  • Life is precious and wonderful. Celebrate whenever you have reason


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