Death and Dying

Mortally Wounded: Once a character reaches -1 Hit Points or less, they are Mortally Wounded. A Mortally Wounded character is exhausted and takes 1 damage per round. Any action, whether swift, move, standard, or a full round action, can be taken while Mortally Wounded, but they cause additional damage when taken. In general, the damage for a swift, move, standard, or full round action causes 1, 5, 10, 20 damage respectively, but the DM may alter the damage depending on the strenuousness of the action.

Death Threshold: A Character's Death Threshold is 1/4 their maximum hit points. Once a Character's hit points falls below their Death Threshold, A Fortitude save must be made to prevent going from Mortally Wounded to Dying. The DC for this check is 10 + Negative HP - Death Threshold.

Dying: Once a Character has failed the Fortitude save and become Dying, they fall unconscious and take 1 point of damage per round. A Fortitude save must be made every round to prevent Death. The DC for this check is the Negative HP - Death Threshold.

Death: Once a Character has died, they become an inanimate corpse and any effects that take effect on a Character's death happen. A Dead Character continues to take 1 point of damage per round even after death, making raising them quickly a priority.

Death Effect: A Death Effect or instant kill ability that successfully hits a target makes the target Dead at their Death Threshold. Any Death Effect Spell marks the character and requires at least a Resurrection before healing can be applied to the Corpse.

Healing and Stabilization: Stabilization (DC 15 Heal Check) prevents the 1 point of damage per round done to a Mortally Wounded or Dying Character. A Character cannot stabilize themselves with their own heal check. Any healing automatically stabilizes a Character. However the exhaustion from being Mortally Wounded cannot be removed by any effect save bringing the Character back to positive Hit Points

Resurrection: After a Character has died, they may be brought back to life by raising their Hit Points back to 0 or above. However, healing is only 1/2 effective on corpses. After 24 hours, the dead cannot be raised without power on the deific scale. Gentle Repose halts the Hit Point loss from death and extends the 24 hour limit by the duration of the Gentle Repose spell. If a Character's body is destroyed beyond function (i.e. is missing head/missing torso/disintegrated) or has been subjected to a death effect spell, Resurrection or True Resurrection will be needed before the Character can be brought back to 0 Hit Points, see spell descriptions below. Any Character brought back to life gains a negative level until they take a full rest, has a 50% chance of loosing any prepared spell or spell slot left. Any non-magical poison or disease is removed upon resurrection. Any missing parts are not restored upon resurrection.

Raise Dead: Raise Dead boosts healing magic on Dead characters by 4x (An effective 2x when combined with the 1/2 penalty for healing Corpses). Raise Dead will also restore 1 ability point to any ability reduced to 0

Resurrection & True Resurrection Resurrection and True Resurrection boosts healing magic on Dead characters by 4x (An effective 2x when combined with the 1/2 penalty for healing Corpses). Resurrection and True Resurrection prevents the negative level and the spell loss. Resurrection and True Resurrection restore any missing parts, cures magical diseases and poisons. Once the Character is healed to 0 Hit Points, the Character is brought back to full Hit Points, and cured of any Ability Drain or Damage. True Resurrection will also restore a wholly destroyed body.

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