Zuberzahn, the kingdom of faith and magic, presents a contradiction on many levels. Home to by far the largest accumulation of Technic wonders in the four kingdoms, they can also be said to be home to the largest manual labor workforce in the four kingdoms.

Zuberzahn is ruled by the Church of the [[content:Lufdel]]]. Run by the Grand Motiv and his retinue, the Church handles both the physical and spiritual wellbeing of Zuberzahn’s populace. The Church is divided into four approximately equal parts. First is the bureaucratic division, in charge of administration of laws, social order and diplomatic relations. Second are the military orders of the Church in charge of protecting the country from internal, external, and monstrous threats. Third is the Technic division of the Church. This branch is in charge of maintaining and running the Technic devices that contribute to the prosperity and wellbeing of the country. Finally there is the spiritual division of the Church. This division is over all the others and also ministers to the population on the importance of following the ways set down by the Lufdel when the country was formed.

The religious belief of the Church can be said to be similar to a cargo cult mentality. The prime belief is that the Church was given ownership of many Technic artifacts and by showing good stewardship of these wonders, they will be greatly rewarded when the Lufdel return. The Church holds almost a divine reverence for any Technic artifacts and destroying, altering, or creating such a device is heresy, challenging the will of the Lufdel. Surprisingly, the religion espoused by the Church is light on social rules, aside from admonitions to be good to others, and religious infractions are separate from civil infractions.

Technic plays a huge part in Zuberzahn life, in stark contrast to life in the other three kingdoms. Notable as well is the fact that life in Zuberzahn would not be possible without the advantages offered by the massive Technic engines the kingdom hosts. The lands of Zuberzahn are some of the hardest hit by fallout from the wastes due to its location downwind of the area. Crops and animals have a hard time thriving in the adverse conditions. The people are also the most mixed of the four kingdoms with a much larger population of crossbreeds, altered, and planetouched citizens. To make up for the lack of fertile soil, the Kingdom is rich in natural resources, especially rare and exotic ones. Many of the non-church population works as loggers in the great salt marsh or in one of the many mines that dot the landscape, carved out by great Technic devices. The great capital of Zuberzahn is situated in a massive volcano, using the great energies of the forces contained within it to power the city’s vast network of Technic.

The hard daily life of the average citizen in Zuberzahn is offset by the comfort the ever present Technic offers to the citizens. Most citizens of Zuberzahn have a strong sense of community and are very loyal to those who have won their friendship and/or respect. The struggles of daily life and the constant reminders to be good to your fellow man create a place where everyone looks out for each other and the survival of the community starts with the survival of the individual.

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