The Waste

The waste is the destroyed lands that were the site of the struggle between the Lufdel and the Darkness they fought. Such mighty energies were released that the landscape for hundreds of miles in every direction was reduced to grit and glass. In addition three mighty holes were gouged in the landscape, the Circle Sea is the intact one, the other two merged with the surrounding ocean.

The destruction that was wrought in the waste not only altered the land, but contaminated it as well. Little grows in the waste and those that try to live in it find themselves altered. Dangerous aberrations wander the sands and creatures with strange powers and abilities come out of it occasionally. Even the waters of the waste will change and destroy what it touches. Notably, it requires specially treated boats to sail on the Circle Sea and near the coastline of the waste. Like any large, uninhabited land, rumors and stories abound about what is lurking inside the waste. However, few who go into the deep waste return and most of those who do are unable to speak of the things they saw inside.

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