The Obelisks

The obelisks of the four kingdoms are a awe inspiring sight to those who live in the larger cities in the area. Rising to height of over 100', the dark crystal obelisks tower over their cities as a stark reminder of the Lufdel and what they have done for the people of the four kingdoms.

Massive keys to the dimensional prison the Lufdel locked the darkness in, terrible nightmares will be released if the obelisks are ever brought together again. To prevent this, the obelisks were handed down to the fledgling countries, two for each, by the Lufdel shortly after the survivors had regrouped. The obelisks were installed at the two largest population centers each country had so that the people could watch over them.

In the centuries that followed, the obelisks have come to be associated with the blessings of the Lufdel in addition to the darkness sealed away within them. The areas harboring the obelisks are known to be some of the most fertile and productive grounds in the entire kingdoms. The obelisks have been found to reverse some of the damaging effects of the waste for miles around them, allowing crops and animals to thrive. The only negative effect the obelisks seems to have is that they foul up most conjuration spells in the area around them, especially preventing teleportation and calling spells. This effect fluctuates around the obelisks, but most play it safe and do not try putting either an origin or destination of such a spell within about 2 miles. Only those with a deathwish try it within a mile, the results are known to be exceedingly deadly.

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