The Border Kingdoms

A loose collection of pirate enclaves, outlaw strongholds, cultists, and others who have left civilized society behind, the border kingdoms are a lawless place to the north of Hefnung. Surviving on trade from The Inner Sea and what little they can wrest from the hard cliffs and hills, the people are known to be a hardy and rough bunch. Trying to pin down even a part of the chaotic rise and fall of micro nations would be a headache for any team of experts. The only constant in the north is change. Hefnung is the only one of the kingdoms to have any major interactions with the Border Kingdoms and that is mainly through the very brave traders who ply the northern neighbor for rare and exotic oddities. Other than that, Hefnung repulses the occasional raid and sends out a punitive force when the locals get too uppity. The area is too wild and remote for any kind of long term expansion or garrison and it is a convenient place for the dregs of society to gather.

Setting and History
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