Technic is the term used for a large group of artifacts left by the Lufdel. Technic artifacts are unique in their ability to gather, store, and/or use raw magic. Technic devices are mostly responsible for the ability of Zuberzahn to mass export raw materials and cover as much territory as they do. Zuberzahn, is by far the largest holder of Technic devices, especially the large, immovable ones that are used to facilitate life in some of the harsher Zuberzahn environs. Their capital city is rendered livable and productive by the Technic devices enmeshed with the same volcano the city is built into.

Zuberzahn has Technic built into a large part of their religion, with use, repair, and maintenance of Technic devices left to specially trained clergy. Aside from single use Technic devices and certain exceptions, like Technic armor, the Church regards the creation, disassembly, or in depth study of Techinc to be a heretical act, on par with trying to usurp a deity. The Techinc was a gift from the Lufdel and the Church believes they are only stewards of the Technic until the Lufdel return. Any action more than keeping the Techinc running and performing its intended use is putting oneself on the same status as the Lufdel. Consequently little is known about the inner workings of Technic.

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