Soldar Rhu

Little is known about the isolated Kingdom of Soldar Rhu, very few people ever meet a person from the island and the few that are met don’t say much. The little that is known by the average citizen is that the people of Soldar Rhu are mighty sailors and fishermen. Most of the fish eaten around the kingdoms is shipped from the island. They also are known to keep the seas clear of pirates and raiders, wiping out any that arise mercilessly to protect their shipping lanes. The average citizen of Soldar Rhu is a person of few words and expressions, usually wearing drab earth toned clothing with little to no adornments of any kind. They don’t mix well with others and prefer to stay with their own countrymen on the rare occasion they are away from their ships. From all accounts they share the Lufdel faith with their kindred from the other kingdoms, but little is known of their beliefs and practices.

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