The Lufdel

The Lufdel are an ancient, extinct race that created the four kingdoms out of the ashes of an apocalyptic situation. The basic legend is as follows:

About 2-2.5 thousand years ago, the area was ruled by a evil race of creatures who are known as the Darkness. The Darkness enslaved and oppressed the inhabitants of the land and ruled without pity or compassion. Hearing the pleas of the oppressed peoples, the Lufdel came from the sky and fought with the Darkness. Faced with a foe that could match their might, the Darkness started to unleash horror after horror upon the land in an attempt to destroy the Lufdel and while the Lufdel were able to withstand the attacks of the Darkness, the land could not. From that fierce war was created the Waste and the land was forever changed. Many people of the land perished, but the Darkness did not care and continued its devastating assault. Seeing a need to end the war quickly to save the people, the Lufdel wrought great magics and sealed away the Darkness, creating the obelisks to lock them away forever. However this effort weakened the Lufdel and they were not able to heal the damage that had already been visited upon the land.

Possessed of great knowledge, even if most of their power had left them, the Lufdel gathered the scattered survivors of the calamity and aided them in establishing the four great kingdoms. After a couple hundred years of support and teachings, the Lufdel, as one, simply vanished from the Kingdoms, leaving the 8 obelisks for the people to watch over and protect.

As any story that has survived centuries of oral tradition, the story of the Lufdel has its quirks and differences from one telling to the next. The core story stays the same, but there are differences in the exact nature of the Lufdel, their origins, their purpose, the establishment of the four kingdoms, and their reasons for leaving, among other things. However anyone who knows the story would agree on the bare bones version above. Notably, those in Zuberzahn add the major Technic devices left to them by the Lufdel to the obelisks and believe the Lufdel will return after some objective has been accomplished. Those in Delsgunter ascribe a more quasi-deific status to the Lufdel in the story, with their versions giving the Lufdel more power and fewer weaknesses and failings than in other countries. Those in Hefnung often tell that the Lufdel ascended to a higher state upon their leaving, leading to the common practice of asking for the Lufdel's blessing on things for they are still watching over the people they saved.

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