Hefnung is the land of traders. Situated between the resources of Zuberzahn, the exquisite creations of the masters of Delsgunter, and the foreign and exotic oddities of The Border Kingdoms, Hefnung thrives. Anything can be found or bought in Hefnung, for the right price, and major trade routes exist running between the neighboring countries. Hefnung is also home to a large amount of fertile land, isolated from the ravages of The Waste by the Circle Sea.

The people of Hefnung are joyful and optimistic as a general rule, with each new day having the promise of a new deal, a new friend, or some other reason to celebrate life itself. Huge parties have a will of their own in Hefnung and a month without at least one celebration is a sad month indeed. Multi-day parties are the norm rather than the exception and the capital is known for putting on extravagant feasts that can last for over a month. Travel is common in Hefnung, few live their lives in only one town. Meeting up with old acquaintances after many years is said to be a blessing and, of course, an excuse for another celebration.

Hefnung is rules by a traditional monarch, though the true nobility is rather small for the country’s age. Most of that space is filled by rich factors and more local authority figures like mayors. The King rules with a light hand, and much of the day to day ruling is done by a veritable army of clerks, aides, local mayors and their staff. For all its joviality, Hefnung is actually the only country with a standing army that is not also a peacekeeping force. The northern border is subject to raids and incursions on a frequent enough basis that there are a couple garrisons on the border. Most cities have their own local guard forces to deal with lawbreakers and monstrous threats.

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