For the commoners of Delsgunter, the goal in life is to be the best. What they are the best at is a decision only the individual can decide, but mediocrity is close to an insult in their culture. The farmer wants to have the biggest yield per acre, the mason wants to build the strongest walls, the guard captain wants to have the lowest crime rate, etc. The point of being the best is to attract the attention of one of the many nobles and thereby gain perks.

The nobility of Delsgunter have a mandate to provide for those within their demesne. No one in a ruler’s land should be regularly going hungry or be unable to find shelter to sleep in. If such a thing is occurring, it shows weakness and ineptitude to the other nobles who, while being unable to directly take over territory, can make life decidedly unpleasant and force the noble into unfavorable positions.

Within the nobility, favors and alliances run rampant and are based off the trading of unique, powerful, or needed items. The noble who has access to a grove of pristine wood and the woodsmen to properly handle it can trade access to that resource for favors from those who do not have such a thing. Or the noble who has a bard of great skill and renown can barter his services for an alliance with a stronger noble. Everything that can be marketed is, and those who provide those services to the nobles are rewarded in accordance with how much standing they provide. Nobles are also not above poaching valued people from other nobles by offering them more. It is a delicate game of intrigue and those who are the most skilled wield considerable power amongst the nobility.

The commoners accept this for three reasons. One, perks are distributed widely and freely. Even small talents are nurtured in the hope that they might one day become something more. It gives them something to strive for and heroes to look up to. Second, if a noble is not ruling well or abusing his people, other nobility, in addition to punishing the offender in their own way, will welcome them the people with open arms as they add to the new noble’s power. No one is forced to stay anywhere, and truly despicable nobles don’t last long. Third, and most importantly, the prevailing belief among the commoners is that the nobility has a divine right to rule. Belief has it that the Lufdel themselves set up the noble system and chose the houses in their eternal wisdom for the benefit of the kingdom. Everything was foreseen by the Lufdel, even the bad rulers, to be for the benefit and strengthening of the Kingdom. To question if the nobility as a whole is wrong is to question the Lufdel, the saviors of our world.

The government of Delsgunter is ruled over by a King. The current King is Cedric Delsgunter XVI and the title is hereditary. The King is the noble who’s area includes the capital city and the surrounding lands, making him the most powerful, but also the noble with the heaviest responsibilities. Country wide policy is decided by the council of nobles. All 170 nobles get a vote on anything that affects the country as a whole, i.e. new laws, trade policy, etc, and a simple majority decides the issue. However, the King is the only one who can propose any legislation before the council. There are usually not many issues to discuss and the meet is convened only twice a year. In dire situations, the King can call a special meeting of the nobles to resolve said situation.

On the local level, each noble can pretty much do as they see fit within their own demesne, each equal to about a 12 mile diameter of land. Local laws vary from place to place by the whims of their rulers. City guards and foresters serve as a defense and law enforcement system depending on the needs of the local community. While monster attacks are rare, they are not unheard of and most people live in cities and behind walls, especially the closer you get to the borders of the kingdom.

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